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A Reality TV Star Is One Of Our Loyal Customers!

Bobby and Lori Goodson, loyal Service Foods customers for the past 15 years, have a reality television show on the Discovery Channel called “Swamp Loggers.” In “Swamp Loggers,” Bobby and his crew go into dangerous North Carolina swamps, looking for logs. They use sophisticated equipment and machinery to retrieve logs out of the water – the logs are later used for timber.

Logging is the act of cutting down trees and/ or collecting already fallen trees for processing. Loggers use
various machines to help gather logs out of difficult places, such as swamps or river bottoms. Bobby and Lori own Goodson All Terrain Logging. They established the business almost 20 years ago and the Company has been growing ever since. Bobby’s highly-skilled crew consists of long-term employees, most of them with over 10 years of experience and a core group that has been together for almost 18 years. A few of Bobby’s team members even predate the Company’s founding, having worked for his father Bobby Goodson, Sr. Certainly, Bobby feels that his crew is like his second family – even his son Justin is part of the team!

Filming “Swamp Loggers” in North Carolina swamps has been exciting, yet often challenging for Bobby and his crew. The swamps can be filled with snakes and alligators, so the team has to be very careful. Filming often involves long hours of work. Plus, Mother Nature does not always cooperate with the filming schedule. Pouring rains or storms have been known to cut into production of the show. The Goodsons shared with Service Foods that they actually ate our steaks on their show, during one of the longer days.

“We had a cooking segment on the show, where one of the guys in our crew cooked some steaks. They were excellent! We’ve been customers of Service Foods for many, many years and we love it!”, said Lori Goodson. We at Service Foods are excited to have the Goodsons as our celebrity customers! Good luck with the show, Bobby and Lori!
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