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Customer Profile: Welcome Back, Kimsey Family!

After several years of being with Service Foods, Debra and Philip Kimsey decided to take some time off and see if they could save money by shopping at various stores in their area.“We like to eat natural foods – we don’t want anything in them that’s bad for our family,” Debra says. They began purchasing meat from a local meat market, and they went to a grocery store for their vegetables. While the food they purchased was satisfactory, they quickly found disadvantages. “The meat market had natural, hormone-free meat, and the prices were ok, but they didn’t always have the cuts or type of meat that we were looking for, so it was a gamble to go there,” Debra says. Plus, once they got the meat home, they had to divide it up into smaller portions to freeze, and they occasionally ran into problems with freezer burn.After about six months without Service Foods, the Kimseys sat down to compare prices. When they totaled up what they were spending at various stores, adding in the expense of gas to get there, they realized that there was no cost savings. Of course, Service Foods offered additional advantages. “I home school, so I don’t have time to run all over creation to shop. It’s great to have our food delivered,” Debra says. She also loves the fact that the food comes well packaged in manageable portions, which also saves them time and loss of food to freezer burn.“We thought maybe Service Foods was a luxury, but after comparing prices, we realized it is actually very practical,” Debra says. And the entire family loves the food. “We had some fancy, dry-aged steaks from a well-known steak company sent to us, and one night my husband cooked two of those alongside two Service Foods steaks. He had all of us do a blind taste test on them, and every one of us chose the Service Foods steak as our favorite,” Debra says. They also love the chicken and fish, because of how fresh it is.The Kimseys have been back with Service Foods for about a year now. “It was interesting to go out there and compare and realize that it’s really worth it,” Debra says. Currently, they are trying to convert their friends. “We’re working on them!” she said.

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