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Customer Profile: Dr. Mark DeBrincat Adjusts His Patients Inside And Out

Dr. Mark DeBrincat has never been a stranger to healthy eating. A practicing chiropractor and partner at Foothills Chiropractic in Marble Hill, GA, Dr. DeBrincat was raised eating natural food. After a near death auto accident years ago, his life was changed forever and he made the choice to dedicate his life to helping others thorough medicine and nutrition.

Five years ago, Dr. DeBrincat was introduced to Service Foods by a friend and has been hooked ever since. “I was spending a lot of time and money at expensive organic and health food stores before I knew about Service Foods,” he says. “But the drive to these stores was over an hour away and the food was extremely overpriced.” Now, Dr. DeBrincat not only receives regular Service Foods deliveries at his own home, but has also referred many of his patients to the service as well. “It’s what I call a no-brainer, not only because of the convenience and price, but because of the quality of the food,” he says.

That quality is something that Dr. DeBrincat feels has made a tremendous difference in his life and the lives of his patients. While chiropractic work is typically done on the outside of the body, Dr. DeBrincat also focuses on the synergy that occurs between the outside and the inside. “The work that I do is much more than chiropractic adjusting,” he explains. “It’s everything you do. Because your nervous system controls everything in your body, it must function properly. The best way to make it do this is with proper diet and nutrients enabling your body to produce healthy cells.”

Dr. DeBrincat feels strongly that his patients’ and his own family’s health have improved because of their superior diet. “When I get a patient to eat healthier and eliminate toxins from their diet, my program provides better and quicker results. That’s why I am such a big believer in Service Foods.”

We’re pleased to share Dr. DeBrincat’s story and are proud that our food is a part of his regimen for health and wellness.

Do you have an inspiring story about how Service Foods has improved your life? We want to know! Send us your story via email to You just may be featured in our newsletter!

Foothills Chiropractic is an entire wellness center, specializing in chiropractic, physical therapy, spinal decompression, nutrition, diet, sports injuries, arthritis, and even pediatric care. For more information about Dr. DeBrincat and Foothills Chiropractic, log on to
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