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Dieting and Fitness Training

If your New Year resolution was to lose weight, you may be hitting the gym consistently right now. Kudos to you! If you’re weight training or doing any kind of a serious fitness training routine, you may be wondering what sorts of foods you should be eating.

Certainly, some foods will help you maximize your training regimen, while others will only hinder your progress. Let’s examine what we should and should not consume, while pursuing a serious exercise regime.

Let’s set some ground rules first:

• Eat five meals per day.
• Eat six meals on days you lift weights.
• Every serving should be about the size of your fist.
• Eat a protein, a carbohydrate or fat, and a salad with every meal.
• Fruit can be eaten once a day as a carbohydrate.
• Drink a calorie-free liquid with every meal.
• After 100% adherence for the first two weeks, you’re allowed to eat two unapproved meals per week.

Approved protein sources:

• Wild salmon
• Eggs
• Ground turkey breast
• Lean ground beef
• Chicken breast
• Tuna
• Tilapia
• Sea bass

Approved carbohydrate sources:

• Organic brown rice
• Long grain wild rice
• Sweet potato
• Yams
• Oats
• Chick peas
• Northern beans

Approved fat sources:

• Avocado
• Egg yolk
• Olive oil
• Fish oil
• Walnuts
• Almonds
• Ground flax seeds

If you follow these dietary guidelines, your diet and your exercise routine will go hand-in-hand to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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