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How To Eat Right At Work

Eating right at work can be a big challenge. If you frequently choose to eat out, go through the drive-thru, or eat processed snacks, your health will eventually reveal your bad habits. Weight gain may occur, cholesterol and blood pressure levels may go up, or you may just feel sluggish and irritable.

Simply taking your meals and snacks with you to work in a cooler is one the easiest ways to improve your health. This technique will also help your finances; most American families spend over $1,000 a month on eating out! It is time to dedicate yourself to planning, shopping, prepping, and packing your food. The first step is planning. Take one day to think about your nutrition. Plan out your meals and snacks for the week. You will find if you have already thought it out, it is easy to grab what you packed, rather then be tempted by something out of the vending machine or the office candy jar.

Prepare in advance by grilling up several of your frozen chicken breasts or fish fillets. For lunch, these can be thrown on top of salads or inside a whole wheat wrap. Make sure to put a variety of vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, and cucumbers in your salads and wraps. This will help you meet your five to nine recommended servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

Don’t forget about snacks! In order to speed up your metabolism, you should be eating five to seven times per day. Snacks are crucial! Grab some nutrition bars and low fat, all natural yogurt. Combine the yogurt with fresh or frozen berries, sliced almonds, or ground flax seed to make a delicious and healthy parfait for a morning or afternoon snack.

Keep on hand a cooler and containers that are easy to load and unload. ALWAYS make sure you keep your food at a safe temperature. Placing ice packs in the cooler work well for keeping food cold. By bringing your food with you to work, you are in control of your health. Your body and your wallet will thank you!


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