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Celebrating Seasonal Activity And Foods

This is the time of year when New Year’s resolution hype typically wears off and the gym routine and diet regimen can get a little boring. If you think your motivation is wearing thin, it’s time to change your perspective and mindset.

If you feel like you are dragging yourself to the gym… STOP! Rather then fighting the minutes on the treadmill, find an exercise activity that you truly enjoy. Take sailing lessons, join a tennis team or softball league. Exercise does NOT have to be the standard cardio and strength training routines typically found in fitness magazines.

To break up the monotony of traditional gym workouts, innovative fitness trainers have been known to take their clients on adventurous sessions such as kayaking and rock climbing. Spring is when I personally set up a season of triathlons, so that I have an event to train for, and my workouts have more of a purpose. To me, nothing beats a run or bike ride on a beautiful spring day! If you make an effort to do activities outside, not only will you enjoy yourself, but you’ll get into shape without even realizing it!

While you’re at it, don’t let your nutrition fall through the cracks. Just because you are spending more time outside does not mean you are free to hit the drive through or ice cream shop. Embrace healthy eating with an occasional visit to your local farmer’s market for seasonal foods. You could even reward yourself for your nutritional efforts with fresh flowers while you’re there. After stocking up, throw some Blue Ribbon lean meat and seasonal vegetables on the grill for a quick and healthy dinner, or make pre or post workout smoothies with seasonal fruits like berries and mangos.

If you are stuck in an “I eat the same foods every day rut,” pick up a cooking magazine or go online and search for new recipes. Don’t forget to check Chef Mike’s delicious recipes posted every month! Sometimes all you need is a tasty, nutritious meal to remind you that eating healthy does not have to be bland or boring. Happy spring, get out there and have some fun!

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