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Eating & Drinking For A Speedy Recovery When Down With A Cold Or The Flu

Written By Blog Reader Zyana Morris

Treating a cold or flu can be tricky. A number of people believe that using antibiotics merely bring temporary relief while actually increasing the duration of the infection. Others think that it’s best to clear your throat and blow your nose as much as possible.

But a few simple eating and drinking tips can really help make the whole ordeal a lot less unpleasant, and can also contribute towards recovering faster. It’s best to go for warm foods and drinks, but keep these few ideas in mind.

Give your taste bud a little break

After the fact that you can’t breathe easily, many will agree that the next most annoying thing about catching a cold or flu is losing your sense of taste. Everything tastes the same – no sensuous sweetness, no tantalizing tanginess and no smokin’ hot spices. It is best that you take a break from all the exotic flavors the world has to offer and go for something that’s bland to taste; rice, bananas and bran bread are good options to keep you full.

Avoid dairy products

Milk, yogurt and cheese are excellent foods for your bones, but sometimes the natural goodness of dairy products can add a tad bit to your discomfort if you’re down with a flu or a cold. Dairy products tend to increase mucus production, which when combined with inflammation can lead to even more congestion in the throat and nasal airways. It’s best to avoid dairy products for the duration.

Fresh orange juice

Most brands of tetra-packed orange juice are packed with an unhealthy doze of sugar and food preservatives and often exclude the pulp as well. In fact, the pulp accounts for a significant part of an orange’s nutritional goodness. Fresh orange juice is a rich source of natural Vitamin C and folic acid, both of which boost the immune system by facilitating phagocytes and t-cells to perform more effectively against foreign pathogens and parasites especially those causing common a common cold and flu. Research also suggests that an intake of Vitamin C also reduces the duration of the illness.

Granny’s chicken soup

Broths and soups are the best dietary substitutes to solids for treating a cold or flu – they’re warm and easy to swallow, and provide tremendous relief from congestion. But the best is a serving of traditional chicken soup from your grandma’s cookbook. It’s bland, its warm and it has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce infections in the breathing airways.

Service Foods 4355 International Blvd, Suite 150 Norcross, GA 30093 - 800-872-3484
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