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Our Commitment To The Earth

Service Foods is not only a leader in what we bring to your table, but how we get it there. With our environmentally friendly practices, we are now considered a leading "Green" company in our community.  We have a carbon signature of zero and are Certified Carbon Neutral.

This all adds up to a better way to care for our environment and a healthier, greener way to feed your family.

Here are some of the ways we reduce our impact on the environment:

By delivering our food directly to your home, we save the average family two trips per month to the grocery store.  If each round trip is only 10 miles and the cars average 20 miles per gallon, there's a net savings of 144,000 gallons of gasoline.  Each gallon of gasoline emits 8.78kg (19.3 lbs) of CO2 into the atmosphere. Therefore, CO2 emissions are reduced by 1,264,320 kg (2,781,504 lbs), which is equal to taking about 230 cars off the road annually.

The packaging system we employ, vacuum seals our proteins in biodegradable Iolon film (instead of being wrapped in plastic with a Styrofoam tray like you might see in the supermarket).   This system provides a savings of 1.8 million Styrofoam trays per year.

By recycling over 100,000 cardboard boxes a year, we reduce our annual CO2 emissions by another 8.6 metric tons. Our reusable delivery totes save approximately 120,000 additional cardboard boxes - preventing another 103,200 kg of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

Listed below are several additional actions we've taken to reduce our carbon foot print:

  • Shred and recycle all of our menus and other paperwork in our offices.
  • Send all of our renderings (bone, fat, etc.) from our production facilities to other companies to be recycled.
  • Use energy saving fluorescents for all of our lighting needs in our plants and offices.
  • Use steam or all-natural-biodegradable products when cleaning all of our production facilities and offices.
  • Use a proprietary blend of biodiesel fuel for our fleet of trucks.

Because we still require electricity and natural gas to serve you, we "neutralize" our remaining carbon footprint by funding offset projects that either sequester CO2 from the air or eliminate the creation of greenhouse gases. All offset projects are purchased from Verus Carbon Neutral and are third-party verified by the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Please view our official Carbon Neutral Certificate and read the media press release announcing this achievement.
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